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Top Sex Positions on Tantra Chair

There’s much more to sex than what meets our eyes. Sex is an all-time favorite in the list of both men and women, and it is done regularly. Couples who do frequent sex are more likely to be happy and satisfied in their relationship. Like the spooning, doggy-style, cowgirl and more varieties of sex positions, many men like the classic missionary position. But we all have that one sex position that is our favorite and a go-to position for many quick sex sessions. With varying interests and ideas about sex, people have told us their unique favorite sex position that gives them satisfying pleasure. You may think that sex is just an adrenaline rush. You do in whichever position you find comfortable, but on a subconscious level that shows your personality traits to some extent. For example, extroverted people are more prone to make new friends because their behavior makes it easy for them to interact with new people. Similarly, your favorite sex position also tells us a lot about your personality. In this article, we are going to look at them.

Before beginning with the content, you should note that various sex therapists and psychologists test these. Hence, subtle information is extracted from your favorite sex position. Although it may not be accurate as predicting human minds is never a 100% shot. However, with more and more sample groups, we have concluded that a broad spectrum of people having a favorite sex position share some of the common personality traits discovered in this article.

Missionary: Let’s start with the basics of sex, and here comes the missionary position. Considered the starting sex position of many couples due to its comfort and synergy, many couples often have the favorite sex position. Let’s check some of the facts that match your personality if you are a missionary lover.

You may be a little insecure about your performance and seek continuous approval from your partner by looking at her directly. You want to see your lover’s responsiveness as it gives you self-assurance of good performance. Since the missionary also provides the man with driving control, it can show some dominance levels and intimacy shared with the face-to-face contact. This position is romantic and easy but not very adventurous and perfect for people looking for some raw fun. You can spice things here by letting your woman ride you from the top, as it is perfect for slicing up a little dominance and preserve the same levels of intimacy with her.

Doggy-Style: Like an ancient saying or myth, doggy style is always a spicy sex position and a position in which men were meant to have sex. It is a fantastic sex position that gives the man full contact with her partner and gets out his animalistic instincts. Most men are lovers of this position which is also comfortable and perfect for a quickie.

If your favorite sex position is this, then you definitely are from the billions who like it. You have some fears of intimacy, and that’s why you prefer the back entry, as you enjoy whispering things in her ears. Making face-to-face contact seems a little awkward for your animalistic instincts, and you want better satisfaction without getting on the front. You can also juggle between spooning positions whenever you need intimacy in your sex.

Seesaw Style-It is a see saw pose, where you get the chance of proving that you are much strong to hold her weight with your arms. Kiss on the piquant parts of the woman’s body while she throws her legs behind your torso. She will also try to hug you closer with her arms and legs.

Excavation Style-In the world of Kamasutra, we call this pose as excavation. Do your sex just from the rear side of the woman. The woman remains in kneeling style, with her hands on Tantra Chaise. Grip her waist, drag her body closer to you and strengthen tremors. Penetrate her tight vagina deeply.

Hot Seat Style-Squeeze your body together with your partner’s torso. The woman will lean her back against you, and it’s just like a hot seat pose. Move your body and swivel her hips with your hands. For more jerks, you have to force her vagina with your long penis.

Arch Opener Style- Arch opener is another interesting position, where the clitoris of women needs much stimulation. You can stand on your knees, placed on the floor. While the woman is lying on Tantra Chaise, you have to lift up her hips. She is now in a position to push you back for better clitoral activity.

Zeus Sex Style - Almost all guys like this Zeus sex pose as the women get engaged in blowjob. You can sit on your Tantra Chaise, while the woman has to stand on knees, placed against the floor. When she is enjoying your genitals, you can hold her head for controlling rhythm. She may also hug your buttock to get closer to you.

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