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Livsol MPPT Solar inverter/PCU is technically smart, advanced and innovative solar inverter, that gives you peace of mind with uninterrupted power supply. MPPT solar inverter is DSP based pure sinewave and user-friendly LCD display. MPPT solar PCU is 30% more efficient than usual PCU’s. Livsol PCU provides higher power saving when its powered by Livsol high quality solar panels. PCU charges batteries at even low input voltage up to 90V. PCU comes with 88% efficiency and all protections, assures you to enjoy continuous power during extended power cuts also. Changeover time is less than 10ms, so there is no need for separate power backup systems for your power equipment and computers.

5 KVA/48V MPPT Solar Inverter with Advanced DSP Technology

₹59,999.00 Regular Price
₹44,999.00Sale Price
  • Bigger Display with more data
  • Built-in Energy Meter
  • Maximized Solar Usage through Intelligent modes.
  • 40% less panel required than other PCU
  • RS-232(Industrial Standard MODBUS)
  • Incorporated with Microchip ans ST DSP Engines
  • IGBT based design and Fast Charging Widerange MPPT Input
  • 6 Stage Battery Charging
  • Multiple Battery Selection
  • Sleek & Aesthetic Design
  • Works as Standalone Solar Inverter in case of No-Grid
  • Safety & Protections