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These hexagonal charcoal briquettes are a must-have for everyone who appreciates a great BBQ experience. This can also be used in tandoor oven, Industrial heating, Room heaters etc. The logs are made with natural coconut shells, which is an eco-friendly and convenient alternative to traditional fire starter logs. They don’t require any tree to be cut during the manufacturing process and last longer than normal wood logs.


Product Specification

Hexagonal Charcoal Briquette for BBQ / Tandoor


  •  Raw material : 100% using premium quality coconut shells .

  •  Environmental friendly

  •  Last longer than 4 hours per kilo

  •  Odourless, no smoke and no spark while burning since the charcoal was completely carbonised .

  •  Calories : Above 7000 kcal .

  •  Ash Content 18 to 22%

  •  Moisture < 5% .

  •  Fixed Carbon : 60 - 65%.

  •  Volatile Matter : 14 – 18%

  •  Packaging Design : Based on buyer's requirement .

  •  Supply Ability : 100 MT/Month



Why Coconut shell charcoal ?

  • A-Grade charcoal briquettes

  • Hexagonal shape

  • Made with natural coconut shells

  • Organic and sustainable

  •  Superior quality

  •  Eco-friendly alternative to wood logs

  •  Affordable and convenient

  •  Practical grilling accessory

  •  Makes little or no smoke and leave less ash than normal BBQ charcoal

  • 100% natural

  •  Dense texture and dark colour

  •  Long burning time

  •  Can be used for smokers, ovens, BBQ grills, and so much more


User Directions

Method 1 : Lighting with BBQ Chimney

  • Fill the charcoal with BBQ Briquette

  • Use fire starter or Fire starter liquid to ignite the briquette

  •  Once you see flame up top and briquette starts to ash transfer the coals onto BBQ grill.                                       

Method 2: Using Electric or Cooking Stove

  •  Place couple of briquettes over high flame or on electric stove

  •  Once briquettes are ignited transfer them over to BBQ grill

  •  Repeat until sufficient number of briquettes are ignited for grilling

  • Please note this process could take 15 to 20 minutes so please plan your session according.

Premium Coconut Shell Hexagonal Charcoal Briquette for BBQ / Tandoor ( 5KG Pack)

₹799.00 Regular Price
₹499.00Sale Price