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The Honeymoon Subscription Box India


Start the marriage out in the sexiest way possible! The Honeymoon Box brings the elegance and sexiness to the honeymoon suite with world's best intimate products.


Each box includes sultry lingerie, Personalized panties, nightwear, massage oil, rose petals , candles and other sensual enhancers to really stimulate togetherness & compliment your most intimate moments.


Q: What does The seduction box include?
A: Inside each month's box, you'll find:
Sultry Lingerie , Personalized panties , Nightwear and Body stocking (worth up to Rs 5000/-)


  • A Sensual massage oil
    • Rose petals
    • Candles
    • Surprise Sexual enhancer
Q: Do I pick the products I receive?
  • A: The honeymoon Subscription Box! experts curate a selection of prestige products each month, so you don't have to choose anything! We know beauty isn't one-size-fits-all, so each month we choose which of these products we think are best for you


Q: Can I purchase the seduction! box without a subscription?
  • A: Currently, the only way to regularly receive the seduction box! box is by subscribing to the program. From time to time, past boxes are available for individual purchase

The Honeymoon Subscription Box India

₹3,999.00 Regular Price
₹1,999.00Sale Price