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Luvottica's Tantra Chair is Love Making furniture with unique, luxurious and elegant design enables couples and lovers to perform adventures and difficult Kama sutra positions with ease of comfort and longer duration of time. It helps you to enjoy sex on a whole new level in deep and mesmerizing lovemaking experience. Couples believe that they have bought fire back in their relationships and were able to break conventional boundaries in their love lives. Every couple likes to have sex with the upmost passion and there are so many sex positions out there. To enjoy all the sexual positions, you need the Tantra Chair to get you going. We handcraft The Tantra Chair with finest and eco-friendly materials. The soft, supple, synthesized leather not only feels amazing on your skin, but it will maintain its elegant appearance for a lifetime. It’ll help you get out of your comfort zone and enjoy sex on a whole new level. All this will undoubtedly help you and your partner get the most out of your current relationship.

Premium Grey Fabric Tantra Chair with Center

₹29,999.00 Regular Price
₹22,999.00Sale Price
  • Proved and recommended product by Yoga experts and leading sexologists/gynaecologists
  • Enables to perform and achieve comfortable, durable, mesmerizing, cosmic, deep and imaginable positions
  • Tantra Chair helps couples who are facing difficulty in Conception
  • The high and low curves are designed to support your head, back and hips
  • Its scientific curved design helps women to relief in period pains and pregnancy
  • Detachable Centre cushion makes it pro luxurious sitting or relaxing sofa for your living and bedroom
  • Tantra chair enable couples and lovers to perform all types of Kama sutra positions in deep and long
  • Used Supreme Quality Leatherette with finest durable wood and High Density Foam
  • Stain resistant and easy to clean
  • Discreet Packaging and delivery within 7 days across the nation
  • Ideal for couples, lovers, hotels, resorts and SPA centres
  • Appropriate asset part of bedroom or living room interior
  • Made in India