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Top Reasons to Include Tantra Chair to your Hotel & Resort

Revolutionary Tantra chair can be a great asset and business booster for hotels and Resorts Industry! . Yes its True. Sex on Tantra Chair will be more satisfying for couple than any king size bed. Sex positions on a bed are common and gets boring after some time. On the other side couples can enjoy exciting tantric sexual experiences with Tantra Chair . It makes their leisure trip or honeymoon lifetime time memorable, if you have Tantra Chair equipped Rooms.

As a Hotel business owner, you have to find new things to attract more customers during pandemic. By offering Tantra Chairs in your rooms, will add sparkles and multiple types of sensation in sexual experience of your customer. Couples are also curious to experience lovemaking on Tantra chair, but hesitating to own it. So they are most interested to use it in hotel room. Every weekend couples are rushing to hotels for enjoyment. These customers also can be tapped by offering Tantra Chair.

You can provide your customers with a cherishing experience in the form of Tantra Chair in your room. Here are more top reasons to to include this luxurious chair in your room.

  1. Stand alone Innovation - Adaptability of new ideas and things to your business always keeps you out of hard competition in industry. Tantra Chair is that standalone innovative furniture product, which will represent your Hotel brand to your customers. Tantra chair in list of your hospitality services will force customers to make bookings with you only.

  2. Comfortable and Stylish - Ergonomic design of Tantra Chair will blow your mind in first sight. Person will fall in love while having comfort in sitting and sleeping. Luvottica Tantra Chair are designed to provide a fantastic user experience.

  3. Advanced Tantric Lovemaking - Tantra Chair enable couples to perform tricky Kamasutra positions with ease and comfort. Customers will never miss out to experience next level lovemaking on Tantra Chair. Customers looking out for spending quality time will be lured towards your offerings.

  4. Alternative add on Luxury - Tantra Chair is a great piece of furniture to replace with old standard existing chairs or sofa. It will be an added luxury product to your hotel room. Luvottica Tantra Chair can be customized as per your room interior. So need to worry about expensive renovation. Luvottica gives freedom to its customers to choose style and color of fabric their own. All of your rooms can be prepared differently.

  5. Attract more Customers - Hotel Rooms equipped with Tantra Chair attracts couples, they will able to experiment and fulfill their fantasies. Newly married couples planning for their honeymoon will never miss Tantra chair experience for first time. Couples of all ages and orientation will prefer booking with hotel offering Tantra Chair. Increased bookings will fill your pockets with more money.

Hotels can also include Tantra Chair in customized package for its customers.

Luvottica is trusted Indian brand brand , providing customized Tantra Chairs to Hotel Industry. We are committed to serve our clients with Highest Quality standard products with cost effective business deals.