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What is Sex Pillow and How to use them?

If you’ve been interested in adding some elevation between the sheets, grabbing a sex pillow may just bring you closer to an “Oh my god” moment.

According to the survey, majority of respondents reported that they wanted to find better angles during sex. A sex pillow can be used for comfort or to improve positioning to enhance the sexual experience. People tend to like them because they allow for further variation in position, and can improve accessibility.

Sex pillows are accessories that support our bodies in various positions so that we can enjoy sexual play more comfortably. While pillows can be great for people with physical limitations as well as everyone can benefit from sex pillows. All bodies deserve and can use pillows that help them enjoy longer, more pleasure-focused sexual play sessions.

All pillows are not built the same. Your standard bed pillow is designed to only hold the weight of your head, not yours and your partners pelvic weight. Regular bed pillows are too soft and have to be constantly folded or rolled in search of the perfect angle for a specific position. On the other side a sex pillow is usually made of a dense foam and designed in different angle heights. These pillows are specifically designed to enhance all of your sexual positions.

Additionally, high-quality sex pillows can be great for people with limited mobility and folks that use wheelchairs.

As the name implies, sex pillows are literally designed for sex.

How to use sex pillow?

When you get your desired sex pillow, it’ll take some time to find what works for you. Play around and see where it feels good. Do you like it under your hips?

Sex pillows can be used to lift the hips of receiving partner, as they’re being entered or penetrated. As the receiving partner lies down, facing up, slide the pillow under their hips, back or butt. This will make the angle of penetration more comfortable.

You also can lie down on the pillow facing it, enabling easier access to your behind. This can be great for doggy, anal or any sort of rear stimulation.

Apart from penetrative sex, the sex pillows can be great for oral and fingering. Lifting your hips to meet your partner can help you find a position that you both can enjoy in deep.

When bringing up the pillow to your partner, frame it as something that will help you both to experience enjoyable lovemaking.

While sex pillows are specially made for sex, they can also be used in another way. The strong foam is great for leaning against, for yoga and meditation sessions or watching your favorite movie . So if you’re looking for a little lift and a lot of support, a sex pillow may be your best companion.

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